A phizzwhizzingly scrumptious (fantastic) day had by all!


There was something different about the kiddles (children) in Year 3 on Monday, some of the young human beans (people) looked frothbuggling (silly) and some were positively jumpsquifflingly whoopsywhiffling (amazingly great). The day at bogglebox (school) went quicker than most as gloriumpious (wonderful) recipes were invented and the teachers had to keep their gogglers (eyes) on all the kiddles as they enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahl day. Some of the other teachers seemed a little muggled (confused) but soon realised what was happening when the Oompa Loompa trio entered the staffroom. A huge thank you to all who took part, especially the people at home who I am sure spent lots of time making all the costumes so fantastic. A great day to remember and a lovely beginning to the year.

A day of goodbyes


Today we had to say goodbye to some very longstanding and well loved members of staff. Both head of School, Mrs Dyke, and Year 3 Teacher Mr Greenacre are retiring, even though they both look far too young to be doing so.  Mr Payne is moving school and we wish him the very best of luck; Teaching Assistant Miss Bell is changing careers and we wish her every success in her new field.

All will be greatly missed and the school will never ever be the same again!

Wyke Summer Reading Adventure

reading adventure

Your mission this summer holiday is to take a photo of yourself reading a book in the most unusual / interesting / original place you can.

Photos will be shared with your new class in September and there will be prizes for the best in each year group. Bring your photo in to school on a memory stick at the start of next year or email it to:


You MUST put your full name and your new class in September on the email.

Craft Club


During the year, children from Year 5 and 6 have been making things at Craft Club to sell at the summer fair. We were really pleased with how popular the stall was, and will put all our profit towards buying more materials for Craft Club next year. Well done to all the children who worked hard to make and sell such lovely products. A special thank you to Mrs Darby – we’d be stuck without your sewing expertise!